Patient Reviews

"The staff were experts in getting my insurance to go a lot further. I saved hundreds of dollars!"
"I’m a coward so they assigned me to a nice lady dentist who was very gentle."
"I had to see two specialists and they were both honest, informative, and made me feel like I’m in good hands.
I highly recommend this dental practice for gum treatments and implants.
They don’t charge any extra to see a specialist and that seems safer."
"We have no dental insurance but you can purchase their discount plan and save about 50%.
Cost was only $99 which included the x-rays and a cleaning with a wonderful hygienist."
"Nice people – I wish I worked for them. This is my second year and I just love their friendliness."
"I love their “one-stop shopping”. All of our dental needs were in one place. Great idea."
"The whole family went at the same time. Very convenient. Kids saw a children’s dentist and my husband and I saw our own adult dentist."
"I’m a shopper and after checking several other dental groups and the chains this dental company had the best prices."

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